Hotel rugs have different design alternatives, but they also have a wide variety in terms of pattern and color options. Hotel carpets, which are suitable for applications in large areas in terms of both cost and workmanship, are important in terms of creating an aesthetic environment. Combining luxury and comfort with elegance, our company responds to functional needs in the field of flooring with options such as Axminster Carpet, Wilton Carpet, Printed Carpet, Handtuft Carpet.


The mosque carpet, which is a complementary element in floor covering and architecture, is the most striking decoration product of places of worship in terms of aesthetics or comfort. Therefore, they pay attention to aesthetics and comfort when choosing mosque rugs. Mosque carpets are easy-to-clean, durable and durable special fabrics and their colors do not fade. It is very important that the colors maintain their vitality after cleaning as on the first day.


Our expert pattern design team prepares your project rugs that require special pattern and color selection for the spaces, considering all the desired details. In addition to our quality standard products, our carpets designed in the most appropriate way for you with special patterns and colors that will be designed by you with our design team, non-flammability protective finish, anti-stain protective finish and ultra-luxury felt back coating will show the difference in the spaces.


In wallpaper, it provides the global world products to be put into service and practiced. We make a difference to the spaces with our imported wallpaper and special designs.